How Do Color-Enhancing Lenses Work?

Colors: The right lighting can change how everything looks, and because each of our cones have a different amount of light sensitivity (along with everybody having a slightly differing amount of cones) color is interpreted a little differently for each person. Think of it like when you use a filter over your photos on social media. When you put on color-enhancing lenses, they’re designed to intensify some colors and filter others, so your vision of the color spectrum through your lenses is enhanced.

Lenses: Note that these are different from polarizing lenses. While polarizing lenses also alter and enhance contrast and lighting effects, they’re more designed to cut out horizontal light, or glare, while letting vertical light safely through. They’re excellent for improving things like a more focused and crisp vision, and depth perception, but they won’t always enhance colors the way that these can.

These special lenses boost the saturation and contrast of colors, and increase the range of colors we can see, making everything more balanced with an added pop your regular eyes can’t do – since color is simply a reflection of light frequencies and wavelengths interpreted by our brain when it hits the cones inside our eyes.

How do color enhancing lenses work? 

Color Enhancing Lenses target where light waves overlap, and filter out those confusing rays. It can use a variety of different techniques to manipulate bands in the color spectrum, which in turn affects how the user perceives color. Lenses tend to use various absorbent materials to manipulate and control colors. Although not color enhancing, a well-known example of this is a blue light blocking lens. Blue light lenses are a type of color-manipulation lens because they use a yellow filter to block or lessen blue light from reaching your eyes.

Instead of just a simple colored filter, color enhancing lenses target bands of light and foster those that your color receptors are most sensitive to. This is what makes that specific color seem brighter and more enhanced.


What are color enhancing lenses best for?

Grey color enhancing lenses are going to be best for green or blue color definition. This means anytime you are out in an open field, on the road, offshore fishing, or golfing – a grey based color enhancing lens will help take your experience to the next level! 

Brown color enhancing lenses are going to be best for red definition. That means if you are out in any rocky, sandy, or mountainous terrain – brown should be your go-to! Inshore fishing will also greatly be improved with this color.

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