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As a leading supplier of private label sunglasses and eyewear in Metal, Plastic, Combination, Acetate and Titanium, Yingchang has built its reputation by providing not only the consistent high quality and value-added solution(helping customers develop best seller sunglasses and eyeglasses)in the industry, but also providing a total commitment to customer satisfaction. Just contact us anytime.


Zefeng Li | Founder

Experienced in fashion and eyewear industry:  

* Trade and B2B marketing

* Strategies planning and brand management 

* Business development with a strong entrepreneurial and creative spirit


Simon Lin | CEO

Strong ideation ability in fashion industry:

* Developing brands concepts and designs

* Defining collection's identity

* Establishing development schedules                 and locking down cost targets

* Strategic development and negotiator      

Benge Weng | Co-Founder

Focus on eyewear development with:

* Top eyewear company

* Top 250 retailers 

* Top 50 optical retailers

* Top Fashion retailers


Lulu Ge | Sales Director

Strong leadership of Cramilo sales team :

* Logical thinker and effective values provider

* Focus on long-term solutions 

* Great communication skills


Diverse Production Expertise

Our team excels in diverse materials, ensuring timely, high-quality eyewear production.

Top-rated Brand Partnerships

Trusted by leading brands, we embody commitment, value, and customer satisfaction.

Innovative R&D Team

Our R&D pioneers translate trend insights into best-selling eyewear designs.

Progressive Leadership

Under Cramilo's guidance, we foster innovation, creating market-resonating eyewear.


Simply show our certificate, please contact us if you need special requirements.