Make your adventures ocean-positive

Our ECO Friendly Solution

Cramilo has been committed to committed to sustainable development to the planet, producing and supplying BPA-free plastic sunglasses, 100% recycled sunglasses and bio-based renewable castor oil sunglasses (G850). We do believe we all collectively have a responsibility to progress towards a more sustainable future.

Category Name Proportion Description
BPA Free Tritan 100% Purity & clarity, Chemical resistence, Scratch resistance, Toughness, Fast lead time
Recycled PC/CP/TR 99.8% Recycled PC +0.2% additives Pass CA65 Standard
Recycled CP 99.8% Recycled CP +0.2% additives Needle available, Flexiblility
Recycled TR 99.8% Recycled CP +0.2% additives Purity & clarity, Durability, Excellent toughness
Bio Degradable Rilsan 46% Bio-based Carbon Content Transparency, Durability, Shape memory, Light weight, Chemical and temperature Resistant
Bio Degradable Bio-acetate 62% Bio-based Carbon Content Fast degradable (90% in 180days) Anti-allergic